Hi, I´m SYKiN and I love music!


Being a composer is about creative and emotional expression, turning my inside out, mirroring my soul. It’s very personal and can make me vulnerable.

But when I put on my media composer hat, I’m a craftsperson. My focus is on solving creative problems. Bringing my clients‘ stories to life.

What fascinates me about my work again and again is the fact that the stories my clients tell me through their art, inspire me to create a piece of music or a sound from scratch, that I otherwise never would have created. I am then in turn able to inspire or elevate their story even more with the inspiration I just got from it.

This conversation and interaction between art forms excites me and makes me passionate about every single project I work on.

Over 13 years of experience in writing, arranging, orchestrating and producing music allow me to serve a big variety of genres and production styles. From epic and complex orchestral arrangements and hybrids with rock-/pop-/hip-hop and electronic elements – through minimalistic and delicate soundscapes to radio ready songs in many different genres. To date I wrote the music for multiple short films, corporate films, a feature film and many cues for TV and sync. I also did Foley and sound design work for various projects. In 2017 I was honoured to have won the award for best score at „The Indie Gathering International Film Scoring Competition 2017“.


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